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Want to start a small busi­ness? Won­der what you need to know to open a suc­cess­ful new busi­ness? For help­ful infor­ma­tion, check lists, tips, guides, and busi­ness resources, start with our blog. Based on our 20+ years run­ning a small busi­ness and work­ing with other small busi­ness own­ers, we’ve filled these pages and posts with what you need to know to get up and run­ning quickly.

You’ll find infor­ma­tion you need and links to help­ful resources to begin from busi­ness plans, finan­cial record keep­ing, estab­lish­ing busi­ness credit, nam­ing your busi­ness, to deal­ing with employ­ees, taxes and pro­mo­tional prod­ucts.

We cre­ated the con­tent of this blog from the knowl­edge our many clients have imparted to us and the lessons we have learned the hard way try­ing to run a small busi­ness. Click here to see our client list.

We won’t sell you any­thing. We do know it is usu­ally eas­ier and less expen­sive to start up an online busi­ness than an offline busi­ness. We have also learned that if you find the right pro­fes­sional to get you started on the right foot, it’s eas­ier to get your on line pres­ence even more quickly, inex­pen­sively and eas­ily. That said, we’d like to work for you.

We build busi­ness web­sites, cus­tom blogs, inter­ac­tive CMS sites. We design all types of busi­ness graph­ics for logos, brochures, fly­ers, dis­play ads, and much more. For infor­ma­tion about these ser­vices, see our port­fo­lio web­site at www​.sketch​.com. In most cases we can have your busi­ness web­site up and run­ning in under a month. For web­site host­ing we highly rec­om­mend Blue­host.

Our jour­ney wasn’t always easy so we’ll try to smooth out bumps with warn­ings and pro­vide sign posts to point the way for you. To learn more about the paths we’ve trod, click here.

We’ll share our expe­ri­ence and hope some of it is use­ful to you. We also hope you share your busi­ness start-​up expe­ri­ences with us and our visitors.

Stay cur­rent on bank­ruptcy infor­ma­tion as it relates to busi­nesses. Learn the do’s and don’ts of financ­ing a busi­ness and how to stay on top.

Let us guide you through the pains and excite­ment of open­ing your very own busi­ness. From the hir­ing process to credit card ser­vices with mer­chant­ex­press let us assist you!

Dis­clo­sure: We are a pro­fes­sional review site that receives com­pen­sa­tion from the com­pa­nies whose prod­ucts we review. We test each prod­uct thor­oughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are inde­pen­dently owned and the opin­ions expressed here are our own.