Which Business Plan book(s) do I buy?

by Norma

In the Amazon Books section you can easily be overwhelmed by the vast numbers of books just on Business Plans. This might be a hint to you just how very important this subject is and how it can make a big difference in whether your new business gets off to a good start or fails. This opinion is shared by many experts in the field.

But, how do you pick the book(s) that would be right for you? First, look though all of the reviewers comments. You can get very good insights into how the book is written, how well the reviewer thought the writer knew the topic and whether the book helped the reader.

Another good idea is to look at the Table of Contents of each book. Amazon usually offers a “Look Inside” feature that allows you to get a glimpse of the book and what topics it covers.

Which book you choose may also greatly depend on whether you offer a service or a product. If you follow the suggestions above, you will find that some of the books lean stronger to products and others will lean stronger to services.


Remember to check out free resources such as libraries, business organizations like chambers of commerce and of course–your friends.

Don’t ask co-workers at your job.

Do you have a favorite book or reference that helped you write a business plan? How did it help you? To whom whould you recommend it? Please tell us about it with a comment or email

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