Beat Holiday Stress

by Norma

5 Ways to a calmer, saner end of the season

This week marks the end of this year’s  holiday sales stampede for many retail businesses and services providers. Until business returns to a more normal pace, here a few things to do to reduce stress and end the year without being trampled.

  1. Make time for yourself even now. You’ve heard this before, but really, you’ll feel calmer, think clearer after being alone for even a half hour. Take a walk or get some exercise. Use physical activity to alleviate stress and the sunlight to lift your mood.
  2. Stay connected. Meeting the demands of customers and clients can lead to feelings of isolation for business owners and employees. When you feel like you are swimming upstream in a sea of holiday shoppers, reach out to community, religion or service organization for some life support. Take time to be with others, who may not push your buttons in the same way your customers and employees do.
  3. Lower your expectations. The economic problems of 2009 aren’t going to be solved this week. Take a little time to apply a spoonful of reality to your expectations for the close of the year, and start to set achievable goals for 2010. Remember we don’t need to do it all right now. We have a whole, shinny new year in which to accomplish new goals or revitalize old goals. Talk with your business associates and employees about what they value. You may find that your expectations are higher than everyone else’s. Consider writing or revising your mission statement.
  4. If you are starting to feel stressed, ask partners and employees for fresh ideas or additional help. Someone else may welcome the chance to try their hand at something new. I know your family and friends have celebrating on their minds, and are tired of hearing you talk about your business, but asking for their assistance or input for a change may get you some surprising results.
  5. Reflect on the holiday’s other meanings to you. It’s not all about your business is it? Remember happy times of the past spent with loved ones? Think about those times. Think about your good moments and accomplishments of 2009. Think of all the good times to come in 2010.

Best wishes from our business to yours.

Larry & Norma


The American Heart Association has advice for coping with stress.

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