Susan’s Story

by Norma

How a budding blog blossomed

Our client Susan for whom we designed and host a blog, surprised us with her latest post at The first surprise was the subject matter. She discussed the evolution of a website, where she devotes her posts to all things plants and nurseries.

The second surprise is one I feel the need to set straight, just for the record, and for the other new business owners who may be wondering why Susan possesses such great fortune. Susan praises our efforts, and I do hope some of it is more than just flattery. After all, we did put a great deal of work into the design and maintenance of her site and into the initial training to help her get off on the right foot.

This comprised only a small reason for her success; we did not cause her to succeed. We do the same work for all our clients, yet some good ideas and good sites fail despite our efforts.

So why did Susan succeed? Here are some of the things I’ve observed her doing.

  1. She narrowly targeted a visitor audience: gardeners in Southern California who want to find a nursery near them. She researched the information these gardeners seek and provided it.
  2. Susan is all about hands-on action. She personally visited dozens and dozens of independent nurseries, verifying information and meeting the owners, who at times were very cool to her, possibly fearing a sales pitch. She quickly won them over.
  3. She printed flyers, posters, cards, even some very cute mini cards. Then trudged off to speak to garden clubs, letting them know about her site and what it offered them. It paid off in bumps to her visitors after each appearance. *
  4. She didn’t hang around waiting for the Los Angeles Times and Sunset Magazine to happen upon her useful site. She sent them press kits that she learned about via They responded with reviews, articles and useful suggestions. What did that get her? In the first few months of operation, she has close to 400 subscribers, a half million visitors, a few hundred people who consider her a friend, thousands of good contacts in her field and top Google rankings under her choice search terms. Try a search for southern california nurseries.

What is she going to do with the valuable resources she has earned? She tells me all will be revealed when she reaches 500 subscribers. Knowing Susan, she’ll turn that goal into a new beginning. There’s no stopping this lady’s travels through the blogosphere.

Visit her site at, and you may find a nursery you just have to visit in southern California.


Looking for word of mouth advertising? Do like Susan and start spreading the word yourself. Create a presentation to offer to all the organizations you can find. They are all looking for speakers—all!

Your presentation doesn’t necessarily have to be about your business. Talk about your hobby, or give a quick lesson in juggling, and juggling doesn’t have to be about tennis balls. Just remember to mention your name and your business a couple of times.

Want to see yourself in print? Go to and learn how to create your own  press kit. Then write a short article about you, your business or your recent cat show win. Send it to the appropriate news editor. They are all looking for articles to print—all!

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Ann March 22, 2010 at 9:25 pm

This is very helpful – I’m putting it on my favorites list!


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