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Finding Time

Time is on everyone’s mind during the holidays. Last minute shopping stops and last minute scrambles to top-off seasonal sales increase awareness of our ticking time bombs. Here are five ways to save time–if you have time to read them.

  1. Control the flood of email. It’s hard to remember doing business before email. I wouldn’t like to depend on snail mail today, still email can decrease productivity. Combined with a good spam filter, we took control of our email by setting hours of the day to check email. First, turn off all notices that urge you to check incoming messages. Next set aside three or four times a day to spend a specific amount of time reading, responding and sending emails. First thing in the morning, at lunch, just before quitting and possibly a few minutes at home to answer personal email. Yes, you have already thought of times when this won’t work for you. Me too, but holding to the general concept will get you through the pile of messages with more time to spare for Oh, sipping a cup of tea maybe. [Read More]

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