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My Worst New Business Experience

fired-cartoonI was working at a small start-up company that had gotten some substantial military contracts. My first mistake was approaching one of its original investors for some capital to open my own new business. He looked at my business plan and was very impressed with its thoroughness and possibilities. He did invest the amount I was looking for and promptly mentioned to my boss that I needed a raise because I was planning on leaving the company.

I was a department head with six people working with me. Because my clerk overheard a couple of phone calls, she went to my boss and complained. I want to tell you that I didn’t get to where I was in my career by slacking on the job, so my job performance or attention to the department was never jeopardized by my phone calls. There must have been some other agenda in play there, but the phone calls were my second mistake.

They laid me off before I was fully prepared to go ahead with my business. I was immediately escorted to my desk to put my personal items in a box and then out the door. I was planning on keeping my job for another three months while my new business got on its feet which would have allowed the new venture funds to go much farther.


In starting your business and working your day job, do not under any circumstance tell anyone, anyone, at work about what you are doing. You just never know in what fashion the knive in your back will appear. You would also be smart to keep your day job and new business venture separate.


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