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Health Care

The proposed Health Care legislation will  affect new business owners in two ways. As a small business owner, we face new requirements so the first excerpt we offer you summarizes these and provides a link to download the entire report. The second impact is how it will affect us as individuals, and that is the last segment below.

How will the new health care bill affect my small business?

from White House Executive Summary

  • Health care reform as envisioned in current draft legislation would reduce the current burdens on small firms and their workers.
  • Small businesses that meet certain criteria would be able to purchase health insurance through an “insurance exchange” – allowing them to choose among a multitude of plans that would provide better coverage at lower costs than they could find in the current small group market.
  • Many small businesses that provide health insurance for their employees would receive a small business tax credit to alleviate their disproportionately higher costs and encourage coverage. The tax credit would be targeted to those firms with employees whose average wages fall below a certain threshold. [Read More]


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